Welcome to Winnox!

Winnox Industries Limited is a Hongkong-based marketing company affiliated to BMM Strong Welding Material Co., Ltd., a leading professional manufacturer and supplier of copper based welding filler metals in Beijing, China. As a professional supplier and exporter of welding supplies in China, we are proud to supply our high quality welding alloys and some welding-related products to our global customers and play an important role in the international sales for our own factory. Our quality copper based filler metal alloys are well-sold in USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Australia, Korea, etc. due to our consistently stable and reliable quality.

As a professional supplier of welding-related supplies, we understand how important the One-Stop service is, that is why we are also committed to provide other products such as quality aluminum based filler metals, tungsten electrodes, air arc gouging carbon electrodes, and welding safety protection products to our customers.


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